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Its time to kill clickbait headlines

If this post was to open with such a clickbait headline it might read “It looked like a standard click-bait headline but what happened next will blow your mind.” These headlines are everywhere now. Designed to entice you in but leaving you rather disappointed when they do so. It will be a mildly entertaining experience but,

About us

We’re a content marketing agency with one driving force: to make our clients reach out to their key audiences. We do it by creating great content that touches their souls, that educates, informs and entertains.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is about giving your potential and existing customers content that is relevant for them. It’s about giving them content in whatever form (written, images, video) that helps solve their problems.

What we do

We create content in the format that fits the story best. Films, white papers, magazines, snapchat, websites, newsletters, cave paintings.

Why Facebook is killing video

Notice how many videos you see in your Facebook feed these days? How many do you watch? Now, how many do you actually listen to?  And that's why Facebook's killing video. George Lucas is one of many directors who will tell you that 'sound is half the movie.' And Facebook has put us in a situation

Five lessons from producing 360 VR films

It’s now possible and worthwhile to shoot videos in 360° format. Quick explanation. This is a video where you, the user, can just move your smartphone around and look at what’s happening in front, behind, above and below the camera. It’s a completely new video experience and if you put on a Virtual Reality headset, then