What’s Content Marketing?

There are a million definitions but let’s make it easy. Content Marketing is about giving your potential and existing customers content that is relevant for them. It’s about giving them content in whatever form (written, images, video) that helps solve their problems. If companies can do this, then they can do more than create immediate sales but rather build long-term relationships.

Content Marketing has become very popular in recent years because of the fact that our behaviour has changed when it comes to how we purchase products and services. Today, we go to the Internet first before contacting a company. We search for information, read forums, blogs, homepages and learn about what we want in more detail before getting in touch with a company.

That all means that you, as a company, need to be there with good content to help your potential customers as they start searching in an area where you’re an expertFrom there, you can build relationships with them and build your brand by giving them content that is relevant and engaging for them.